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Q & A:

What Do You Do During A Reading?

I start every reading by asking my spiritual guides that I be a clear and accurate psychic. With my client’s well-being and happiness in mind, I express my wish to be a messenger of relevant and helpful information. I give thanks for the opportunity to work in this way and ask to learn from my experience and be a better reader with every session.

With clairvoyance I see images, people or symbols, which I generally relate to four areas of life; work, home, finances and relationships. From these, I interpret messages. Most clients feel a sense of serendipity or coincidence about the scenes and concepts I describe. This sparks a discussion. From there, I encourage my client to ask questions about his or her plans and dreams.

Are Psychic Readings By Phone As Good As In-person?

Phone readings are just as accurate and rewarding as in-person readings. It’s presence of mind—not physical presence—that counts most in a reading. The psychic mind is non-local: it transcends time and space. There is an intimacy to phone conversations that I find conducive to readings. I’ve worked with many clients by phone, from California, Canada, Lebanon, Netherlands, England, Hawaii and all over the world.

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Do You Cast Spells, Remove Bad Karma or Reunite Lovers?

The casting of spells is manipulative, egotistical, and frankly, evil. If you give negativity attention, then negativity will give its attention back to you.

As for reuniting severed lovers, that is usually up to the lovers themselves. I can’t wave a wand, but I can illuminate an alternate path. I’ve helped quite a few couples re-unite with specific methods.

Who Are Your Clients?

The majority of my clients are sensitive and intelligent women! They come from all walks of life. They’re raising families, struggling with their relationships, striving to build a business, or otherwise navigating life. Lately, more and more men have been coming. I specialize in relationship issues, so that covers just about everybody!

How Accurate are you?

I can’t see the point of making claims about accuracy. You hear these figures from psychics: 85%, 90%, 100% accurate. They can’t be proven. Where are these coming from? Who is measuring, and according to what time-frame, or perspective?

Often enough, I have been “wrong” about something, only to be “right” with time. Or I’m saying something that my client is not recognizing at the moment, then, a lightbulb goes off and a “accurate” association is made. I believe the conscious mind is subordinate to the psychic/intuitive mind. But I don’t suggest that I am more right than anyone else. Once someone starts saying their predictions are a certain percent accurate, they’re in trouble.

The answer to this question that I’m comfortable with is; I’ve been successful in my work with thousands of readings. I let psychic insights, and “accuracy” come on their own terms.

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Do You Charge Extra Fees?

No. I’m not interested in selling spells or prayer-infused candles etc. It doesn’t make any sense to pay money for them.

Is there anything I can do to prepare for a Psychic reading?

Yes! Prepare a list of questions, preferably in the order of importance. If you are relaxed and in a comfortable environment, it allows the energetic connection to flow more easily. Have a pen and paper ready to take any notes that will help you reflect on the reading at a later date.

The intention of a psychic reading is to give you a “pulse” or direction of where your life is heading at that moment – based on your current circumstances or previous decisions. It is common for individuals to contact psychics because they do not understand their purpose or direction. It is important to realize that we were given the gift of free will and at any time we can change an outcome by the choices we make.

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My Psychic Readings of Ethics

I will not read for anyone under the age of 18 unless parental consent is granted.

I will not judge anyone. No one shall ever be discriminated against due to race, religion, culture, age, gender, sexual preference, or any other reason. I treat each client with equal respect, compassion, and sensitivity.

All information shared with me is kept strictly confidential. I will not discuss your reading information with anyone except you, unless disclosure is required for legal reasons which would be a very rare case.

I will conduct all readings with honesty and compassion. If challenging situations are revealed in the cards, I will be honest about what I find, but will relay any difficult information with compassion, sensitivity, and actionable advice and information to help you make informed choices about your direction.

I will honor each client’s individual spiritual and religious views, even if they differ from my own. I will never push my beliefs onto others. Your reading will reflect your own religious preferences if you request this and let me know prior to the reading.

I will give my full attention to every reading that comes across my sacred reading space. No other readings will be bumped in front of yours. I work on a first come, first served basis to be fair to everyone. And thus, I will not honor requests that ask me to put their reading above other clients that are already on the schedule. This would not be fair to other clients, and if it was your reading getting “bumped,” that would not be fair to you. Therefore, all reading orders are handled on a first come, first served basis.

There are no hidden charges to any of my reading services. I will never advise that you should get more readings. Getting a reading is your choice and should be done only at your discretion — not from the promptings of a reader or anyone else.

I will not allow clients to become dependent upon psychic readings. If I feel that a client is becoming dependent on the tarot, I will address this matter with the client.

As I am not an attorney, a financial consultant, or a medical practitioner, I will not do readings about legal courses of action, financial investments and stock markets, nor will I do readings for health diagnosis, prognosis, and treatments. Please consult the appropriate professional if you have any of these concerns. You are welcome to ask questions pertaining to these life areas, but I will not serve as a professional adviser in a capacity for which I am not licensed to do so.

Examples: If you already have an attorney, and you want to explore the possibilities of your case, we can do that, because I will not be serving in the capacity of giving legal advice.

If you are under the care of a doctor, and would like to know some general things that are not related to the rendering of a prognosis, diagnosis, or treatments, we can do that in general terms to help you take better care of yourself and continue to follow your doctor’s recommendations, or through the Tarot we might uncover some questions that you could ask your doctor.

If you are wondering about the direction of a financial situation, we can explore that — but I will not provide stock market or investment tips; those types of questions should be directed to a financial adviser.

I will not do readings on winning lottery numbers. If I could know those things, I would be the owner of my very own luxury island!

I will not do readings based on questions of “when,” “if,” or “how” a person may die. These are questions to which I feel we are not meant to know the answers.Billy_Headband

I will always strive to empower my clients to confidently make healthy choices and encourage them to take responsibility for their actions and decisions.

I allow for follow-up questions after a reading to ensure that the client is able to get the most benefit from their reading experience with me.

I will serve the best interests of my clients, conducting my professional services without causing or intending to cause harm to anyone. If I feel that a seeker can be better served through another professional service such as a legal, financial, or health practitioner, I will make that recommendation accordingly.


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