Psychic and Medium Billy Caputo

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Billy initially pursued a career in the music industry, appearing in some of the biggest music magazines. During this time, he found that he had an incredible interest in astrology, the afterlife and metaphysics, but was reluctant and remained silent to share his ability and gifts with others.  By the age 30 the universe [...]

4 Reasons Why People Post and Send Endless Selfies ~ Billy Caputo

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1. They want to be loved When we post a selfie for the World to see, we eagerly await for the likes and comments to show up from friends and strangers. Sometimes immediately after posting, we stick around for a few minutes and rapidly refresh the page to see how quickly they start rolling in. [...]

11 Signs You Are Surrounded By Negative People ~ Billy Caputo

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HERE ARE 11 TELL-TALE SIGNS THAT YOU’RE SURROUNDED BY NEGATIVE PEOPLE THEY ARE ALWAYS PESSIMISTIC Negative people have trouble seeing the good in any situation, even one that hasn’t gone bad. A warm, sunny day will be destined to turn into a thunderstorm in the eyes of a pessimist, and there are very few, if [...]

5 Ways To Catch A Cheater ~ Billy Caputo

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1. CHECK THEIR PHONE AND/OR COMPUTER. In this day and age, technology reigns supreme and has made it easier to cheat than ever before. The good news is it has also made it easier to catch someone two-timing, if they do not have a password or you know what it is. As the cellular/mobile telephone [...]

10 Signs Your House is Haunted ~ Billy Caputo

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  10. Electronic Disturbances A light switches on. Or off. Maybe your television changes channels by itself, or a strange interference occurs on your radio or telephone. It’s hard to say whether or not such things might be caused by unintended house guests, but if you ever find a toaster dancing on your counter top, [...]

10 Things Not To Do When You Can’t Sleep ~ Billy Caputo

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1. GOING TO SLEEP TOO EARLY About 90 percent of insomniacs fall asleep too early during the day. Hitting the mattress too soon is often the result of staying up past regular bedtime hours – and this throws your sleep/wake cycle off balance. Rectifying this problem is not always easy. A good first step is to [...]

Holiday Psychic and Medium Phone Reading Special; 15 Mins – $50! Dec 20-25 ONLY!

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Holiday Psychic Reading Special by Phone Only: 15 Mins - $50. Dec 20-25 ONLY! Love; Relationships; Connect With Passed Love Ones and More! Inbox back with your email address and a Reading Special Invoice will be sent. Share with others who might be interested in a Reading. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! ~ Billy, [...]

5 Proven Ways To Get Your Partner To Listen ~ Billy Caputo

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1. KNOW HOW TO AGREE TO DISAGREE WITH RESPECT. As you and your partner are two individuals, you will not always agree on certain things in certain scenarios. You might have very similar tastes in music, furniture for the house, sexual positions, poetic devices, culinary choices, et al. However, when an instance comes to pass [...]

5 Secrets Not To Keep From Your Partner ~ Billy Caputo

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1. PAST SECRETS There’s a time and place for everything, and disclosing your past is a good example of this. This “talk” generally occurs during the early phases of a serious relationship – and certainly prior to marriage. Your past may not define you, but it has molded you, and sharing these experiences with your partner [...]

10 Signs You Are An Intuitive ~ Billy Caputo

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Everyone is familiar with the phrase “trust your gut”. There’s merit to this, after all. Everyone has a time where they had a feeling about something, good or bad, and they followed their intuition and discovered that they were right. This can happen to anyone, but there are times when someone’s intuition never fails. Intuition [...]

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