10 Signs You’re Dealing With A Psychopath ~ Billy Caputo

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10 Signs You're Dealing With A Psychopath ~ Billy Caputo 1. They Reel You In With Intense Flattery, Love-Bombing And Undivided Attention. Things move way too fast with a psychopath. They are quick to tell you how close they feel to you or how much you were “meant to be”. They seem to be fascinated [...]

Ten Ways To Show You Love Your Partner Without Saying A Word ~ Billy Caputo

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  Ten Ways To Show You Love Your Partner Without Saying A Word ~ Billy Caputo 1. Act Spontaneously Take the impromptu road trip. Spend an afternoon blowing bubbles and making up silly outdoor games that only make sense to the two of you. Take a fun class together -throw pots, learn to cook [...]

5 Ways To Leave Your Lover ~ Billy Caputo

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  Here are some typical distorted thoughts with which we lie to ourselves and suggestions for strong self-esteem building self-talk to combat them: 1. Instead of, "I'm afraid of being alone.": Tell yourself, "I am not alone. I'm with Me. I am good company. If I get lonely, I can check out meetup.com or connect [...]

25 Reasons Why To Legalize Marijuana ~ Billy Caputo

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1 Marijuana grows naturally. Making something that is natural illegal is unnatural. 2 Marijuana is discriminated against by legislators that are too scared of being referred to as a druggie. Legislators won’t stand up for what they believe in, only the self interest of the corporations they represent. 3 Marijuana does not cause death. 4 [...]

20 Reasons Why You Matter ~ Billy Caputo

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20. Every year on your birthday, the special energy invested in you at birth is present. 19. Pain you experience can be transformed into growth. 18. Ambition and creativity are lifelong journeys, so your life matters regardless of your age. 17. Every stage of life has its inherent strengths. The stage of life you are [...]

10 Reasons to Give Something Back To Others ~ Billy Caputo

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Because when you give help to someone in need, you facilitate strong encouragement. Showing compassion and giving kindness can really uplift a person when he’s experiencing a rough time. It conveys a sense of “faith” and an “I believe in you” spirit which alone can act as a tremendous source of renewal for someone [...]

10 Reasons People Commit Suicide ~ Billy Caputo

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In light of recent suicides by Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audio Slave) and Chester Bennington (Linkin' Park, Stone Temple Pilots), Many have asked me about Suicide.  Human life is a blessing. It is said to be the most beautiful gift of Almighty to us. We all must hence, live our life with full enthusiasm and joy. [...]

6 Things That Happen When You Leave This Life ~ Billy Caputo

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6 Things That Happen When you Leave This Life..... After speaking to thousands of spirits and deceased loved ones in readings, many of whom speak about and discuss the process of transitioning into Spirit, I wanted to share with you the common threads (as told by deceased loved ones) of what happens after you cross [...]

5 Special Gifts People With Anxiety Disorders Have ~ Billy Caputo

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Anxiety is something that can feel as if it does nothing but damage, however,  that is not always the case. Anxiety in itself comes with some ‘superpowers’ depending on how you look at it. If you have anxiety try looking at the good aspects rather than the bad. With anxiety comes a heightened sense of [...]

5 Facts About Physical Pain ~ Billy Caputo

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5 Facts About Physical Pain ~ Billy Caputo Living with chronic pain is hard enough. Unfortunately, it may also come with some frustrating misconceptions and misunderstandings from other people. But if your friends and family know what these challenges are, they may be better equipped to empathize with your experience and offer help when it’s [...]

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