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How To Handle Rejection..10 Easy Ways ~ Psychic and Medium Billy Caputo

By |2018-07-19T05:10:56+00:00July 19th, 2018|Blog, Latest News|

Rejection hurts-whether it is in a relationship, a job application, academics or pretty much anywhere in life. Feeling rejected can rob you off your present and can even lead to a fear of future. Whether in professional or personal life, you are going to hear NO quite often. This can be hurtful but there are [...]

How To Get Your Money Back. 6 Ways Starting Today! ~ Psychic Billy Caputo

By |2018-07-18T02:57:37+00:00July 18th, 2018|Blog, Latest News|

They say: “Never borrow money from a friend and never loan money to a friend”. This is very important if you wish to maintain the friendship. It is never easy asking someone for money they owe you when you know them well and also know that they are unable to pay you back. Sometimes, friends [...]

How To Find Love After 50… 9 Sure Ways! ~ Psychic Billy Caputo

By |2018-07-18T02:40:48+00:00July 18th, 2018|Blog, Latest News|

Many people believe that they have no chance of finding love and romance after 50. Whether it is a divorce or death that has left one single, the situation can leave one feeling terrified. However, all isn’t lost and you mustn’t think that there is no chance for you to find love or romance again. [...]

How To Find Love. 10 Ways Now! ~ Psychic Billy Caputo

By |2018-07-18T02:34:34+00:00July 18th, 2018|Blog, Latest News|

Everyone deserves some love and happiness, but with so many fish in the sea it seems to be all too easy to net a few sharks that just aren’t good enough. So it’s time to start getting creative with how you find a boyfriend by thinking outside the box. Here are 10 tips on how to [...]

6 Reasons Why Relationships Fail ~ Billy Caputo

By |2018-07-17T04:44:12+00:00July 17th, 2018|Blog, Latest News|

Change There are times in your relationship when things won't work out well as they should, and neither you nor your partner should take the blame. As the years go by, the things that once held the two of you together in the relationship may start losing their grip and effectiveness. You suddenly find [...]

Arnold and Maria, Still Married after 7 Year Divorce Case..Should they……~ Billy Caputo

By |2018-07-07T11:35:41+00:00July 7th, 2018|Blog, Latest News|

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver may get in the Guinness Book of World Records, because they just crossed the 7-year mark in their divorce case with no end in sight. Should They divorce? Maria filed for divorce July 1, 2011 ... this after she learned Arnold fathered a child -- Joseph Baena -- with their housekeeper. There was never any [...]

Kim and Kanye West Idaho Exclusive ~ Billy Caputo

By |2018-07-07T11:26:24+00:00July 7th, 2018|Blog, Latest News|

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian joined a growing group of celebs to flee L.A. for the calmer vibes of Idaho, joining the likes of Wayne Gretzky, Adam Levine and Harry Styles ... and it's especially interesting given the political divide between Coeur d'Alene and Hollywood. Kim and fam holed up at a $1.85 million cabin in Coeur d'Alene over the holiday ... an [...]

What Phones and Headsets Do I Use For Psychic Readings? ~ Billy Caputo

By |2018-07-07T03:04:48+00:00July 7th, 2018|Blog, Latest News|

During a Psychic Reading the other day, my client asked me what telephone I use because I sounded so crystal clear and her phone connection was very poor. In my experience, dealing with clients and friends who use cell phones, it's hit or miss whether they will have a good voice sound and connection. [...]

4 Ways To Connect With Your Passed Loved Ones ~ Billy Caputo

By |2018-06-26T05:36:26+00:00June 26th, 2018|Blog, Latest News|

Your loved ones and friends who've passed want to connect with you just as much as you want to connect with them.   Clients ask me all the time how they can connect with their loved ones or friends who've passed away and while the answer is fairly pretty simple, it does require a bit [...]

5 Best Dating Sites and 5 Date Sites With Best Results~ Billy Caputo

By |2018-06-17T16:26:08+00:00June 17th, 2018|Blog, Latest News|

Best for international daters: Zoosk. Image: zoosk. ... Best for all kinds of daters: Match. Image: match. ... Best for those looking to get hitched: eHarmony. Image: eharmony. ... Best for the opinionated: OkCupid. Image: okcupid. ... Best mostly-free site: Plenty of Fish. Match 15.41% (497 votes) OkCupid 49.6% (1,600 votes) Tinder 18.32% (591 votes) [...]