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Top Psychics and Mediums in America ~ Billy Caputo

By |2018-09-14T06:08:45+00:00September 14th, 2018|Blog, Latest News|

Top Psychics and Mediums in America- 2012: Wondering who some of the top psychic and mediums in America? The psychics and mediums on this list are well respected, the most searched online, and have tons of social media fans. #23. Billy Caputo, Psychic and Medium Incredibly telepathic with images and impressions. Billy Caputo is a [...]

11 Reasons Not To Play With The Ouija Board ~ Billy Caputo

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You May Be Inviting Harmful Spirits Into Your Home For those that believe in the power of the Ouija board, it is considered to be a portal through which spirits can travel, right into your own home. You May Get A Demon Instead Of A Spirit Some people believe that sometimes demons can communicate through [...]

10 Signs You Are Telepathic ~ Billy Caputo

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Telepathy is the ability to read what another person is thinking. The ability to read what they are feeling is called Empathy, so we are only dealing with the thoughts another person has. You may pick these up especially when you are with someone, or even when you are separated. Mostly it works with people we are close [...]

4 Reasons Why YOU Should Get A Psychic and Medium Reading ~ Billy Caputo

By |2018-09-12T01:41:02+00:00September 12th, 2018|Blog, Latest News|

1. Understanding Your Past, Present, and Future Life is chaotic, and clarity can often seem like an unattainable concept. It's easy to feel lost when you’re simultaneously trying to debrief the events of the last few years, plan for optimal happiness in your future, and still get a better grip on things in the [...]

What Is This Symbol I Have You Wonder? Click To Learn More ~ Billy Caputo

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What is it exactly? Well, since many have written me asking what is the symbol i post on my social media news feeds such as Fb, Instagram, google+, twitter and others and also that I use on my t-shirts, mouse pads, jewelry and advertisement i thought it would easier to explain in a blog post [...]

How To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship.. 10 Easy Ways ~ Psychic and Medium Billy Caputo

By |2018-07-20T07:14:26+00:00July 20th, 2018|Blog, Latest News|

It is not easy maintaining a long distance relationship. Communicating with each other honestly and frequently is the key to having a stable, loving relationship when you are living in different cities. It often gets difficult managing expectations and establishing mutual objectives in such cases. Then there are issues of trust, independence and fidelity as [...]

How To Handle Rejection..10 Easy Ways ~ Psychic and Medium Billy Caputo

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Rejection hurts-whether it is in a relationship, a job application, academics or pretty much anywhere in life. Feeling rejected can rob you off your present and can even lead to a fear of future. Whether in professional or personal life, you are going to hear NO quite often. This can be hurtful but there are [...]

How To Get Your Money Back. 6 Ways Starting Today! ~ Psychic Billy Caputo

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They say: “Never borrow money from a friend and never loan money to a friend”. This is very important if you wish to maintain the friendship. It is never easy asking someone for money they owe you when you know them well and also know that they are unable to pay you back. Sometimes, friends [...]

How To Find Love After 50… 9 Sure Ways! ~ Psychic Billy Caputo

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Many people believe that they have no chance of finding love and romance after 50. Whether it is a divorce or death that has left one single, the situation can leave one feeling terrified. However, all isn’t lost and you mustn’t think that there is no chance for you to find love or romance again. [...]

How To Find Love. 10 Ways Now! ~ Psychic Billy Caputo

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Everyone deserves some love and happiness, but with so many fish in the sea it seems to be all too easy to net a few sharks that just aren’t good enough. So it’s time to start getting creative with how you find a boyfriend by thinking outside the box. Here are 10 tips on how to [...]