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My Surgery, B-day, 10 Winners of Psychic Readings & 5 More To Be Chosen!~ Billy Caputo

By | 2018-05-22T05:15:46+00:00 May 22nd, 2018|Blog, Latest News|

My Surgery, 10 Winners Chosen for a Psychic Reading...and 5 More To Be Chosen! Some of you are aware that I underwent a pretty Intense surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, NYC in early May 2018. If you were following me on my Personal FB page, periodical updates and photo's were posted. I knew it [...]

Come Meet Billy Caputo Live ~ Billy Caputo

By | 2018-05-11T02:55:51+00:00 May 9th, 2018|Blog, Latest News|

Come Meet Billy Caputo Live June 02, 2018 - Hill View Manor - New Castle, PA June 16, 2018 - The Hampton Inn - Nashua, NH July 15, 2018 - Virginia Wesleyan University - Virginia Beach, VA Aug 04, 2018 - Grand Wayne Convention Center - Fort Wayne, IN Aug 19, 2018  - Ramada [...]

Ranking All 144 Zodiac Couples..Which Ones Are The Happiest? ~ Billy Caputo

By | 2018-05-09T23:53:00+00:00 April 19th, 2018|Blog, Latest News|

THE HAPPIEST Cancer + Scorpio: Many believe this is the best match in the entire Zodiac. These two signs understand and complement each other perfectly even though on the surface, they tend to have pretty different personalities. What works here is that each person in the relationship is strong where the other is weak. They’re [...]

4 Reason’s Why Love Is Hard To Find: Part 2 ~ Billy Caputo

By | 2018-04-13T09:18:14+00:00 April 13th, 2018|Blog, Latest News|

Some people find it easy to fall in love, others not so much. We tend to fall in love with people who meet a certain criteria in our mind. This subconscious criterion is based on our past experiences, relationship with our parents or events that have happened in our lives. Based on each individual’s [...]

2 Reasons Why Love Is Hard To Find: Part 1 ~ Billy Caputo

By | 2018-04-12T21:44:43+00:00 April 12th, 2018|Blog, Latest News|

Fear of commitment The most common and biggest reason why it’s so hard to fall in love is a fear of commitment. Labels can terrify some people, but for others, the uncertainty of where the relationship stands is also terrifying. Modern dating has become so ambiguous and confusing. Some couples have commitment issues and never [...]

How To Open That Door To Your Psychic Abilities Today ~ Billy Caputo

By | 2018-04-10T19:53:31+00:00 April 10th, 2018|Blog, Latest News|

Shutting the Door on Your Psychic Abilities? Shutting the door on your psychic abilities because you're afraid of the responsibilities associated with these gifts is understandable, but I encourage you to keep the door open and learn how to discern and work with the information. I've seen this happen with other students who have [...]

What Is A Psychic Vision? ~ Billy Caputo

By | 2018-04-10T19:38:04+00:00 April 10th, 2018|Blog, Latest News|

How to Identify a Psychic Vision In other words, here is what to look for: 1) If it's a prophetic vision (even a negative one), it will simply be a picture that came in out of nowhere, with no emotion attached to it. 2) If it's one of your fears, you'll be very aware [...]

Q & A: What if I Hear Something I don’t Like During A Psychic Reading? ~ Billy Caputo

By | 2018-04-09T20:59:29+00:00 April 9th, 2018|Blog, Latest News|

Well, if you are asking a psychic to reveal an aspect of your future (which is actually not the best use of our skills), there is a possibility you may hear something you don’t like. You have free will, and a psychic can only look at probabilities based on your current choices and trajectory. You can [...]

Q & A: Will Psychics Hurt Me? ~ Billy Caputo

By | 2018-04-09T20:52:30+00:00 April 9th, 2018|Blog, Latest News|

Answer: I blame horror movies and the terrible real deeds of the Inquisition on this one. In times not far distant, any person—but especially women—were burned, tortured, or otherwise killed if they were thought to be witches, heretics, or otherwise possess supernatural powers. Obviously, this is a violation of human rights, but it’s left a [...]

Losing Someone, The First Stage ~ Billy Caputo

By | 2018-04-08T21:52:03+00:00 April 8th, 2018|Blog, Latest News|

Losing someone we love wounds us to our core. Psychologists explain that there are five to seven stages of grief that we move through as we process our loss.  The first process is the feeling of shock and resulting denial. We may expect the person we love to show up at any minute and disbelieve that they are gone. [...]